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Regional Assemblies

Region 9: European Regional Assembly

Members of the European Regional Assembly.

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Regional Composition

Western, Central, and Eastern Europe

Region 9 Members

Institution Location Membership Status
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American Business School-Paris France Accredited Member (PDF)
American Graduate School of Business Switzerland Accredited Member (PDF)
Business and Hotel Management School Switzerland Educational Member (PDF)
BVS Business School Switzerland Educational Member (PDF)
Cologne Business School Germany Educational Member (PDF)
École Suisse de Management (ESM) Switzerland Accredited Member (PDF)
École Supérieure de Gestion et Commerce International (ESGCI) France Accredited Member (PDF)
École Supérieure de Gestion Finance (ESG Finance) France Educational Member (PDF)
European University-Spain Spain Educational Member (PDF)
European University-Switzerland Switzerland Accredited Member (PDF)
Final International University North Cyprus Educational Member (PDF)
Geneva Business School Switzerland Accredited Member (PDF)
Girne American University North Cyprus Accredited Member (PDF)
Institut Supérieur Européen de Gestion (ISEG) France Accredited Member (PDF)
International School of Management (ISM) France Accredited Member (PDF)
International University in Geneva Switzerland Accredited Member (PDF)
La Salle Universitat Ramon Llull Spain Educational Member (PDF)
Maastricht School of Management The Netherlands Accredited Member (PDF)
Mountbatten Institute United Kingdom Educational Member (PDF)
Near East University North Cyprus Educational Member (PDF)
Paris School of Business France Accredited Member (PDF)
SBS Swiss Business School Switzerland Accredited Member (PDF)
Swiss School of Management-Rome Italy Accredited Member (PDF)
The Basel School of Business Switzerland Educational Member (PDF)
University IFM Switzerland Accredited Member (PDF)
University of Business and International Studies Switzerland Accredited Member (PDF)
University of Łódź Poland Educational Member (PDF)
University of Management, Economics, and Finance (UMEF) Switzerland Candidate for Accreditation (PDF)
University of New York in Prague Czech Republic Accredited Member (PDF)
University of Tourism and Management-Skopje Republic of Macedonia Candidate for Accreditation (PDF)
Victoria University Switzerland Educational Member (PDF)
WSB University in Gdańsk Poland Accredited Member(PDF)
WSB University in Poznań Poland Accredited Member (PDF)
Total Number of Members: 33
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European Regional Assembly Officers and Regional Director

Region 9 Officers and Regional Director

Position: Name Institution
President: Sualp Davut Girne American University (North Cyprus)
Vice President: Krzysztof Sajon Poznań School of Banking (Poland)
Secretary/Treasurer: Robert Gharios American University of Science and Technology (Lebanon)
Regional Director: Khalifa Sbih Université IFM (Switzerland)

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